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Flexible Mixed-Potential-Type (MPT) NO2 Sensor Based on an Ultra-Thin Ceramic Film

by CBusch

An Article by Tsinghua University, Bejing and University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Sat, Jul 29th 2017 04:00 pm


A novel flexible mixed-potential-type (MPT) sensor was designed and fabricated for NO2 detection from 0 to 500 ppm at 200 C. An ultra-thin Y2O3-doped ZrO2 (YSZ) ceramic film 20 um thick was sandwiched between a heating electrode and reference/sensing electrodes. The heating electrode was fabricated by a conventional lift-off process, while the porous reference and the sensing electrodes were fabricated by a two-step patterning method using shadow masks. The sensor’s sensitivity is achieved as 58.4 mV/decade at the working temperature of 200 C, as well as a detection limit of 26.7 ppm and small response time of less than 10 s at 200 ppm. Additionally, the flexible MPT
sensor demonstrates superior mechanical stability after bending over 50 times due to the mechanical stability of the YSZ ceramic film. This simply structured, but highly reliable flexible MPT NO2 sensor may lead to wide application in the automobile industry for vehicle emission systems to reduce NO2 emissions and improve fuel efficiency.


Fully Article available at the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute link below:


"Good for Solar PV CdTe......"
Dr. Al Compaan

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