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2019 Flex, Flexible Hybrid Electronics, Sensors, and MEMs Monterey, CA Hyatt Regency February 18-21, 2019, Exhibits February 19-20, 2019 ENrG will exhibit and present on Zirconia Ribbon Ceramic.


2019FLEX—From Materials to Markets

ENrG Inc will be at Booth #3014, Stop by and see us!

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See the benefits of Thin E-Strate®

Advantages of Using Thin E-Strate®

Thin E-Strate® for active or passive device fabrication. More robust than silicon.

As a ceramic, 3YSZ is inert, of high purity, tolerates processing temperatures to 1200°C, and with its low thermal mass can tolerate high thermal shock during deposition or coating processes.

Being ultra thin to 20 microns thick, it presents a very low thermal resistance path for heat removal and a super thin profile for component coating.  Multi-layers of active layer coated Thin E-Strate® can easily be stacked into low profile components.

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Industry Applications of Thin E-Strate®

Thin E-Strate® redefines the world of robust flexible ultra-thin ceramic foils.  Major applications include:

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    Solar PV
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    Fuel Cells
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    Gas Sensors
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