Thin E-Strate® standard kits are available for purchase or can be ordered in custom sizes and volumes. Contact Us to quote or order.

Thin E-Strate® - Ultra-Thin, Dense Ceramic Sheets
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View ENrG's ultra Thin E-Strate® ceramic membrane – a new twist on ceramics.

Which would you prefer? Bendable or FLEXIBLE?

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View flexing of ENrG's Thin E-Strate® after intense heating

ENrG's ultra Thin E-Strate® (40µ thick YSZ membrane) survives extreme thermal shock cycling and retains flexibility

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View immersion of blow torched ceramic sheet into liquid nitrogen

ENrG's ultra thin ceramic sheets are durable under harsh physical and chemical conditions, including extreme temperatures

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Evaluation Kits Available for Purchase

  • 40µm thick Thin E-Strate® is offered in the following sizes and quantities:
  • 10-pack of 1cm x 1cm substrates
  • 10-pack of 2.5cm diameter substrates
  • 6-pack of 2cm x 5cm
  • 5-pack of 4cm diameter
  • 3-pack of 5cm x 5cm
  • Kits have 1-2 printing set-up pieces and advice on handling.

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  • High purity, porous, low thermal mass setters with coating options
  • Low weight and non-shedding base for firing ceramic components.
  • Low thermal mass for quicker cycle runs and more efficiency
  • Sizes to 355 mm x 355 mm
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