ENrG Inc. Thin E-Strate® Ceramic Sheets, Wafers and Ribbons

Thin E-Strate® overcomes the limitations of previously available substrate materials to open new doors in advancing the development of higher performance and new capability products.  Technologists have had diminishing returns as the attempt to overcome the shortcomings of substrates made from silicon wafers, thin metal, glass, polyimide and aluminum oxide.

As a ceramic, 3YSZ) is inert, of high purity, and tolerates processing temperatures to 1200°C.  With its low thermal mass in ultra-thin sheet format, it can tolerate high thermal shock during deposition or coating processes and in applications.

Being ultra thin, at 20-40 microns thick, it presents a very low thermal resistance path for heat removal and a super thin profile for components. Multiple layers of active coated Thin E-Strate® can be stacked for high density, high performance chemistries such as batteries.  The impermeable, high density nature of Thin E-Strate® protects the integrity of those chemistries from internal and external contamination.

Thin E-Strate® ceramic is non-conductive like an insulator, and through propriety ENrG manufacturing technology is flexible like a metal thereby enabling the development of products that conform to tight curved spaces.

Thin E-Strate® overcomes limitations of other substrates.

Currently available in sheets, ENrG's product roadmap includes a roll-to-roll format (R2R) in 2016.

Latest News

  • Posted January 27, 2015

    ICACC 2015 Presentation, High Efficiency SOEC and Embedded Sabatier Reactor

    John Olenick, President of ENrG Inc presented a joint presentation on ENrG and Paragon Space Corporation's work on a highly efficient SOEC with embedded Sabatier Reactor. The work was supported by a NASA SBIR phase 1 and 2....more

  • Posted January 6, 2015

    Thin E-Strate® Accelerated Life Testing

    Dr. Nick Burlingame of Xylon in Alfred, NY performed hydro-thermal stability testing for ENrG....more

  • Posted December 23, 2014

    ENrG Inc Attended Printed Electronics Tradeshow, Santa Clara Convention Center.

    ENrG Inc teams with RIT's Printed Electronics Lab and LiquidX to show successful spincoating of silver inks on Thin E-Strate....more

  • Posted November 3, 2014

    ENrG Inc Announces Plans to Produce R2R Thin Flexible Ceramic by 2016

    Never been done. Roll-to-roll (R2R) format for flexible ceramic membranes....more

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Advantages of Using Thin E-Strate®

Thin E-Strate® for active or passive device fabrication. More robust than silicon.

As a ceramic, 3YSZ is inert, of high purity, tolerates processing temperatures to 1200°C, and with its low thermal mass can tolerate high thermal shock during deposition or coating processes.

Being ultra thin from 40 down to 20 microns thick, it presents a very low thermal resistance path for heat removal and a super thin profile for component coating.  Multi-layers of active layer coated Thin E-Strate® can easily be stacked into low profile components.

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Industry Applications of Thin E-Strate®

Thin E-Strate® redefines the world of robust flexible ultra-thin ceramic foils.  Major applications include:

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    Solar PV
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    Fuel Cells
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    Gas Sensors
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